Small Plates

Traditional Japanese Small Plates

Hijiki $5 Soy simmered Hijiki seaweed

Kinpira $5 Lightly sautéed julienned burdock root and carrot with soy sesame oil

Tsukemono $5 Pickled seasonal vegetables

Nanban-zuke $12 “Southern Barbarian” Portuguese style seasonal fried fish, julienned vegetables lightly marinated in sweet soy rice vinegar

Miso Eggplant $8 Japanese eggplant flash fried & tossed in a honey sesame miso glaze, julienned yellow & red bell peppers

Single Dish / Hot Small Plates

Edamame $6

Spicy Edamame $7

Agedashi Tofu $8 4 pieces of lightly fried tofu topped with grated ginger & scallions served in light soy stock

Gyoza $7 5 pieces of pan sautéed pork dumplings

Shumai $8 4 pieces of pork & seafood steamed dumplings

Lobster Wonton $13 3 pieces of wonton stuffed with Maine lobster & shrimp served with soy-sesame vinaigrette

Sake Steamed Clams $12 Manilla clams steamed with sake & cooked in clear fish stock, with Mitsuba leaves

Sesame Garlic Oyster $13 4 pieces of seasonal oysters lightly sautéed with sesame garlic soy

Kaki Panko Fried Oyster $7 Served with homemade tartar or Tonkatsu sauce

Ebi Panko Fried Shrimp $9 Served with homemade tartar or Tonkatsu sauce

Yasai Panko Fried Vegetables $7 Served with homemade tartar or Tonkatsu sauce

Japanese Style Fried Chicken $12 Marinated dark chicken meat dusted with corn starch and deep fried to a golden finish

Buta no Kakuni $12 Soy simmered Canadian Mugi-Buta pork belly served with Yuzu-kosho paste

Grilled Pork Belly $13 Mesquite grilled “4 hours” Canadian Mugi-Buta served with Moromi miso and cucumbers

Buta Kimuchi $12 Sautéed and spicy Kimchi with Canadian Mugi-Buta pork

Kobe Kinpira $12 Lightly sautéed American Kobe beef with julienned burdock root and carrot