Welcome Back!
OTOTO is Now Open for Dine-in!


We have two special closings coming up!
We will be closed Monday, October 19 and Monday, October 26.
We’ll be back to our normal schedule after that.

For your convenience, we’re open continuously from
11:30 AM- 9:00 PM Sunday-Thursday
11:30 AM-10:00 PM Friday-Saturday

Please note that our kitchen closes from 3-4 PM every day so hot items are not available during that hour, but we are open and our deli items are available.

Dine-in service available all day (no hot food from 3-4 pm)!
Sushi made fresh on the spot!
House made Ramen available all day.

We also offer a Japanese style Grab N Go with individually packaged menu items from our showcase.

View our Menu

Our new cold and warm menu serves up some of our most popular dishes from classic OTOTO, and we’ve added some new, authentic Japanese lunch favorites in individual serving sizes that people in Japan typically take home to enjoy.

There is a 12% service fee added to assist the employees and restaurant during this unique time. In the event you wish to leave a tip on top of the 12% service fee, all tips are compensated to our tipped wage employees.

Izakaya Den and Sushi Den