Robata Grill

Grilled Seasonal Vegetables $7

Grilled Ichiya-boshi Market Price Mesquite grilled seasonal dried fish

Grilled Whole Squid $12 Mesquite grilled soy marinated Surme Ika “Pacific Flying Squid” from Northern Japan or Yari Ika (Spear Squid) from Boston served with grated daikon and lemon

Grilled Kanpachi or Hamachi Kama $12 Mesquite grilled Amberjack or Yellowtail collar with salt

Grilled Shake Kama $12 Mesquite grilled Scottish Salmon collar marinated 24 hours in sake infused miso

Unagi Kabayaki $12 Mesquite grilled eel

Grilled Bacon-Wrapped-Scallop Skewer $9 Mesquite grilled Hokkaido scallop wrapped with bacon

Yakitori Chicken Skewer $6

Grilled Wagyu Beef Skewer $14

Grilled Pork Belly Skewer $8

Grilled Beef Tongue $12 Mesquite grilled tender thinly sliced grilled beef tongue

Grilled Short Ribs $16